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  • i do not post excessively so i will not spam your stream.
    I do not post food related updates.
    I make sure posts are worth the read.
  • music;film,commercial,video game, jingles
    makes dance music
    love CG films
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  • I make cool things.
    If this works I'm going to tell everyone to use whytofollow.me
    Im a graphic designer.
  • I'm a guy who knows how to use the Internet properly :)
    I LOVE Web & Graphic Design
    My hair is curly :D
  • I am http://www.steffiandmihanta.com
    I'm a talented designer / webdesigner
    I speak French and English
  • sometimes I post things that are funny
    I am a graphic designer
    and best of all I don't flood your stream with my tweets.